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  • Yr2

    Yr2 was originally allocated to a gene present in Heines VII and Soissonais-Desprez and identified with European pathotypes. Singh and Johnson (1988) showed that whereas Kalyansona responded identically to these wheats when tested with British pathotypes, it was susceptible and the European wheats resistant, when tested with certain pathotypes from other geographic areas, for example pt. 6 E16 from Lebanon. Kalyansona shared at least one gene, presumably Yr2, with Heines VII and Soissonais-Desprez.

Stem Rust Resistance Genes

The stem rust resistance genes map is provided by Matt Rouse (USDA-ARS Cereal Disease Laboratory) and Hugues Barbier (Cornell University). Individual loci link to the book "Wheat Rusts: An Atlas of Resistance Genes" by Robert McIntosh, Colin Wellings and Robert Park.

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The Life Cycle of Wheat Stem Rust

The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative Presents: The Life Cycle of Wheat Stem Rust. This educational animation details the complex and amazing life cycle of Puccinia Graminis (Wheat Stem Rust). Written by Iago Lowe Hale, Maria Newcomb, and Yue Jin. Animation by Wenceslao Almazan